Cleaning Your HVAC Unit After Winter: Where Do You Start?

Man Cleaning an Indoor Furnace

Man Cleaning an Indoor Furnace in JacksonvilleSo, you cleaned your HVAC unit before winter rolled in – good job! Now, you can enjoy a hassle-free winter in a cozy home. But what can you expect after the ice melts and plants start growing again?

Once spring comes, you’re going to have to deal with the dirt, debris, and other problems winter caused your HVAC unit. Before you consult HVAC technicians near you, such as Jenkins Heating and Air, here are some of the issues you may encounter during winter:

HVAC Winter Woes

While cleaning your HVAC is a necessity, there are still those who forego this preparation for the cold weather. When all you want to do is snuggle in bed, HVAC problems can leave you cold and irritated.

Loss of Heat – Just when you’re about to make some hot cocoa and relax, your heater dies. Nothing is worse than freezing your buns off in your own home. Unfortunately, the cold weather can take a toll on heat pumps and make it difficult to maintain the comfortable temperature you desire.

Frozen Pipes – When the temperature outside drops below freezing, there’s a possibility of your pipes freezing. Water expands as it freezes, resulting in increased pressure, which may lead to burst pipes.

Airflow Issues – This occurs when one of the rooms are much cooler than others; meaning that there’s improper airflow from your heating systems. Some causes of this are dirty air ducts, clogged vents, old HVAC filters, or problems with the blower motor of your unit.

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Broken Pilot Light – You know your heating system is working if the pilot light is on, but if it doesn’t burn brightly or at all you may be dealing with a damaged flame sensor.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

After winter, the first thing you need to do is spring cleaning. It would be better if you started with your HVAC system but, where do you start?

HVAC Condenser – For your air conditioning system, make sure the condenser is free of any debris or foliage. Since this is the part that is outside the home, it’s more susceptible to having dirt collect inside it, affecting its efficiency.

Air Filters – An important part of HVAC maintenance is replacing the air filters, as this can keep your bills at a reasonable price and the circulated air clean.

Air Vents – Dust and dirt can accumulate during winter and if you leave these alone, then you’ll end up with poor airflow and expensive energy bills.

HVAC maintenance is important, which is why you should schedule regular maintenance annually. Most of these problems are preventable, while some of them are inevitable. Moving forward, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements with help from qualified professionals who understand how to get the job done in a timely, efficient and affordable way.