Choosing Your Bathtubs: Portable or Walk-In Types?

white bathtub with steps

If you are planning to have a bathroom remodel, there are several factors you might be considering right now. Among them could be the cost of the entire project, where to source your materials and the type and quality of products to use.

On this latter factor, the bathtub to choose is a primary element; and, if you are looking for an option beyond the typical traditional tubs, then portable and walk-in types are among the options you have left.

How though will you know which type will work best for you and your loved ones? The following is a concise guide from Heavenly Walk In Tubs:

Other Users

Unless you live alone, you will want to find the option that will best meet the bathing needs of other users in your home. If you have a physically-challenged person in your family, the walk-in tabs are the best option here, which also applies to aging individuals.

If you do not expect to host such persons in your home, you can consider having a portable tub if you would love to move it to any location in your house, from time to time.


This factor cuts across both tubs. Check that the one you will choose is of sturdy material. That will also make it possible to facilitate refinishing should the surface of the tub wear out, which is not possible to do with delicate materials.

Your choice of a specialized tub will bank on your taste and preference, but, beyond that, it is imperative that you consider whether it will also serve the bathing needs of other members of your family. The portable types are the best fit if you plan to move its position from time to time.

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However, it is necessary here to check whether you will require expert help to move the tub around or you can do it all by yourself. While walk-in bathtubs may seem to be the excellent option here, they are best for seniors and physically challenged individuals.