Cedar Wood: The Best Construction Material for Your Outdoor Structure?

Cedar Wood

Cedar WoodAn extra structure in your backyard can be a great addition that you can use for different purposes. You can construct a garden shed where you can store all your tools and equipment for gardening or DIY projects, build a studio you can use as a workshop for woodworking or another craft, or create a gazebo for relaxation. You can even make a kid’s wooden cubby house for your children if space permits.

When you want such structures in your home, you may start thinking “what kind of material is best to use?” You can use metal to provide strength to your structure or use plastic for cost-savings. Alternately, you can choose timber like cedar lumber to enjoy several benefits. Here’s why:

Cedar Import

Cedar lumber is available in different parts of the world. The best-considered variety for outdoor structures is the Western Red Cedar, which originated from the Pacific Northwest of North America, specifically in Washington State and British Columbia. This type of cedar has developed self-protective characteristics to survive the challenges of its habitat.

Insect Repellent

The qualities that the Western Red Cedar exhibit contribute to the benefits the wood provides to structures. Cedar lumber resists insect infestation, especially termites. This resistance allows you to save on methods to protect the wood.

Highly Durable

Besides having a natural insect repellent quality, cedar is extremely durable against rot. As it ages, the wood requires little maintenance. The wood also matures into a natural colour finish with a unique scent; you do not need to stain or varnish it.


Against rain (no matter how strong) and moisture, cedar wood can emerge unchanged and triumphant. It has a natural oil the protects it from any kind of liquid. The oil keeps the wood from warping, which is a common result when other kinds of wood are exposed to moisture.

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With your planned outdoor structure, you can rely on cedar wood to provide you with the ideal building material.