The Causes of Blocked Drains and Why You Need to Call a Plumber

Blocked Drains

Plumber in Salt Lake CityAll plumbing systems develop clogs at some point, there’s simply no way to avoid it. As a homeowner, it may be difficult to know where the blockage is. This is the reason consulting a drain cleaning expert in Salt Lake City is important. They will inspect your plumbing system yo make the work easier. However, knowing the cause of these clogs can give you a better idea of how to reduce blockages from occurring often.

Some of the causes include:

Broken pipes

Broken pipes may be due to poor installation, ground movement, deterioration of old pipework or heavy vehicular traffic. When a pipe breaks, it causes an obstruction or collapse in the pipe where solids build up, causing a blockage over time. These breaks and cracks can lead to tree root invasion.

Foreign objects and debris

Materials such as food build up, hair and fat all get into your pipe system and cause a blockage. In addition, things such as toilet paper, soaps and oil may also cause your drain to become blocked.

Tree roots

When pipes burst, it will pass the water to the soil. This consistent supply of water attracts the roots which penetrate your drain and thrive. Having a plumber fix the damaged drains is the only way to permanently and properly fix this problem.

While a lot of homeowners rely on manuals to fix their plumbing systems, what they do not realize is that installing it incorrectly can cause a serious health risk. Unless you are a trained professional with the right equipment, it’s best to call in a plumbing expert to prevent further damage to the drain.

Blocked drains can bring your home to a halt. It’s best to watch out for these major causes of drain blockage. Call a professional plumbing company to inspect your drains and fix any problems your plumbing system may have.