Care for Appliances to Improve Their Service Life

Refrigerator being fixed

Not everyone can afford appliance replacement at the first sign of trouble. This is not a simulation game, and you cannot cheat your way to having copious amounts of money. For a regular Utah household, there’s a budget to follow, and that budget usually does not account for the cost of a new microwave or refrigerator every year.

Want to make the most of your kitchen appliances? Here are some tricks:

Maintain the Refrigerator Regularly

The refrigerator needs defrosting when the ice gets too thick. Sometimes you think the whole appliance needs replacement because the door is not closing properly anymore, but what it needs is proper cleaning. Regular maintenance and timely fridge repair keep the refrigerator’s parts from going bad, which means you can maximize its life before needing to buy a new model.

Skip a Microwave Upgrade

Appliances are like clothes now: they are marketed per season. You may be tempted to keep upgrading your microwave to the latest one, sometimes as a principle to have the newest item in the house. This means you’re wasting a perfectly good microwave and wasting even more money for their upgrade. That money could have been added to your savings or your child’s college fund. If your current microwave is still functioning, learn to use it safely, skip this year’s upgrade, and spend money on better things.

Clean Your Oven After Use

You cannot help the spills that happen while cooking. These spills do not just make the stove or oven dirty, but they can also make the appliance less efficient. Over time, the buildup of dirt and grime could stop the pilot light from functioning. You may think the oven is not working anymore when all you need is to clean it and check if the pilot light is the problem.

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You’re lucky if you have the money to make appliance replacement your first choice when there is something wrong. If you’re like the rest of us, however, you need to take better care of your appliances to improve their lifespan.