Brilliant Energy Saving Hacks for Your Home

Home Electricity

Professional Electrician in Salt Lake CityWith the changing economic times, homeowners should look for strategies to keep money in their pockets. One way of achieving this is to explore the means to save on your electricity without compromising your comfort. So, how do you achieve this?

1. Use alternative ways to cool and heat the house

Heating and cooling use about 50 percent of the energy used at home. So, you need to find the means to spending less power on heating and cooling appliances. For instance, instead of using air conditioners, which use massive amounts of energy, switch to ceiling fans.

Use a programmable thermostat, which may help turn down heating and cooling equipment at night or when no one is at home. Besides, you should change filters in heaters and air conditioners from time to time.

2. Discard those incandescent lights

On average, a household spends 11 percent of its utility budget on lighting. Conventional incandescent lights do convert only 10 percent of the energy they consume to light. They lose the other 90 percent of the energy in the form of heat. So, if you have several of such bulbs in your home, you can see how much money you’re losing each month on energy. It’s best to work with a professional electrician in Salt Lake City to prevent costly mistakes

New light technologies are a good alternative to incandescent lighting. They include (LEDs) light-emitting diodes and CFLs (Compact Fluorescence Lamps). CFLs can last about ten times more than incandescent lights and LEDs save about 50 to 75 percent of light energy.

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3. Use tankless water heaters

Traditional water heaters dissipate a lot of energy to ensure stored water remains hot. However, tankless water heaters do heat up water directly, and they don’t require a storage tank. Consequently, this enables them to supply hot water continuously, minimizing energy wastage.

As a homeowner, you don’t always have access to the latest information regarding the most recent energy saving appliances or technology. Don’t hesitate to get some professional help.