Bigger and Better: Ways to Maximize Your Interior Space

New Home

New Home in San DiegoRenting a house in San Diego can be problematic if your funds are limited. Nonetheless, there are good deals out there for smaller homes that you can work out with your current income. The great thing about some rental homes is you can maximize the space with a bit of adjustments and redecorating.

Here are a few pointers on making your home look bigger:

Avoid Prints and Heavy Colors

Painting rooms with a monochromatic palette may seem a bit boring to some. Nevertheless, using prints and hard colors gives the feel of clutter and limits the visual flow of the room. If you insist on using more than a single hue, stick with pastels, light colors, and white. Follow this color scheme when choosing light fixtures and carpets.

Line Cabinets along the Ceiling

As American Heritage Properties explains, drawing attention upward in a small room creates the illusion of height and space. The great thing about this is that cabinets not only make your room spacious, but also creates more storage space. Use your upper wall spaces by installing cabinets or hanging shelves. Make sure they follow the room’s color scheme, so they do not feel restrictive.

Foldable and Multi-Purpose Furniture

Using dining tables that have foldable leaves or a study table that folds up the wall may take time to set up when needed, but these give you ample space to move around. These furnishings are great alternatives to bulky furniture sets. With these furnishings, you don’t have to worry about a crowded space.

As they say, “If there’s a will, there is a way.” You do not need extravagant makeovers or over-the-top remodeling for your home. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform your humble rental home into a true haven.