Beyond Templates: Repainting Your Home with Relaxing Personalised Colours

Gavin Chan Decorators Limited WellingtonSo you want to get your whole house repainted to create a comforting and de-stressing mood? You can go for the typical cool colours and pastels, but there are more factors that you can consider. Here are some of those non-stereotypical approaches you can apply for a relaxing home.

Old Memories

Do you still remember the main colours of your childhood home? Or what about the house where you spent the best time of your life? If you can remember the colour schemes of those residences, you are likely to be more relaxed when you see them again in the specific areas you relate them to. For example, if your old childhood kitchen where mom used to cook those delicious pies in was mostly blue, try painting blue in your own kitchen.

Favourite Colours

Despite having the template moods attached to each colour, you can actually be affected differently by a certain hue depending on your age, cultural background or even experiences. Notice how you had favoured colours before that you no longer find attractive now? Find complementary hues that can go along with your favourite paint colour just so you can maximise the effect of that colour on you.

Expert Advice

Ask recommendations from the company that offer interior painting services for colour schemes that have proven relaxing or de-stressing with their past clients. Since they do have experience and expertise, they are more trustworthy sources of information regarding home painting and hues. Ask for personalised and signature paint mixes that they make exclusively that can fit your requirements.

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These are more personal approaches to colour and house painting that aren’t always that popular. Be adventurous enough to choose one or two of these suggestions while planning your colour themes for each room and area.