Better Home Protection: Must-Have Smart Security Devices


With the risCCTVing number of home-related crimes, improving the home’s security and protection has now become a must for many consumers. Criminals have also become smarter, having learned how to bypass security systems–particularly the older, outdated ones.

To avoid these instances, you need to smarten up your home’s safety and security. With the residential and commercial security industry continuously improving their products, the latest devices offer harder-to-crack and higher levels of protection for properties.

The greater the number of layers your home security has, the more difficult it will be for criminals to gain access into your property. The people of Elite Home believe a great addition to your overall home security system is the use of motion detectors or sensors.

The Purpose of Doors and Window Sensors

The primary use of motion detectors is to boost a building’s protection against break-ins. In case someone manages to bypass the main security system, the motion sensors come into play. The material will sound the alarm once it detects motion, which may be the movement of an unauthorized person.

Types of Door and Window Sensors

Before buying door and window sensors, it pays to know more about the different units available—they come in different forms. These include the following:

  • Passive Infrared Detectors: The most common type of security sensor,these devices can detect a moving heat source (body heat).Once they do, the sensors will sound the alarm.
  • Active Infrared Detectors: These smart devices utilize infrared light connected to a detector. Interruption to the light will cause the sensor to trigger the alarm.
  • Passive Ultrasonic Detectors: These devices use sound, like breaking glass, as a warning of possible break-ins.
  • Active Ultrasonic Detectors: These sensors constantly emit high-frequency sound waves in a way that they return to the unit. They are triggered when there is an interruption in the route of the sound waves.
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As you can see, the technology behind these door and window sensors can play huge roles in improving your overall home security. As there are so many types of security systems, it can be quite confusing to choose one that suits your needs. To make sure you have the right security device, always consult home security professionals.