Before the Cleaning Starts: Five Things You Must Do

cleaning service in CalgaryHiring a professional cleaning is a great way to free yourself and family from the hassles of doing the task by your own. It also takes a lesser amount of preparation to get your home tidy and squeaky in no time.

There are a few preparations you must do to ready your home for an extensive cleaning service, here’s what you should do:

Pick Up Clutter That’s Lying Around

To ensure that they’re spending the majority of their time cleaning, you must take the initiative to tidy up every room to avoid delaying their actual work. Cleaning is never synonymous to organizing. Once you get these things in order, it’ll allow them more time to clean every nook and cranny in your home. Additionally, you’ll less likely to misplace anything when you do this.

Secure Important Documents & Papers

Keep away all documents, bills, certificates and other papers of value. To unfamiliar eyes, these important files may simply throw them away in the trash. Find a place where you can secure everything and attach a note that the area is off-limits.

Lock Away Jewelry, Cash & Valuable Items

Sure, all home cleaners are subject to strict and thorough screening process, but that doesn’t mean theft won’t occur. In Calgary, cleaning companies are always reminding their clients to put away any precious item that could be tempting to the eye of the others. This is not only to protect their customer’s property, but also to ensure their own safety as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Identify the Broken from Not

Give your home a quick inspection for damaged or broken items. This is to avoid the hassles of accidentally putting the blame on the cleaner. It could get embarrassing on your part and could also make the cleaner uncomfortable. Thus, it can affect the way s/he works around.

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Give them Access

If you happen to be working or away during the scheduled cleaning service, ensure that the cleaners can get in. Provide the cleaning team with a key or access to the areas you’d want to get clean. You may also include special instructions when it comes to locking or activation of home security as they leave.

Nothing will top off the feeling of going home to a squeaky clean and pristine abode especially when somebody does it for you. By following these tips, you are ready to experience the full benefits of professional cleaning services.