Be on Your Toes: Know How to Tell Your Furnace is Going Bad

Furnace RepairWith days of low temperatures just around the corner, the last thing you want is a broken furnace. Without heating, you would be too cold to feel comfortable and enjoy the holiday vibe that goes with winter. As such, it is important that you and your furnace are ready for those long, chilly days.

Knowing the signs that a furnace is heading for repairs can help you prepare for emergency maintenance and prevent your unit from incurring permanent damage.

Start with the following:

Old age

On average, well-maintained furnaces can last 15 to 20 years. Compare this with the age of your furnace. It is best you start shopping around for a replacement if your heating equipment is close to or already within this range. You can also check for a pilot light – this will tell you that the device is more than two decades already.

Cold spots here and there

A furnace that is about to go bad is usually unable to provide balanced heating throughout a home. You may feel “cold spots” as a result of this. If there are areas in your home that feel colder than others, this can be a sign that you need to contact professionals in furnace repair. Salt Lake City HVAC companies can provide quick solutions to your heating problems.

Higher-than-normal utility bills

Although gas and electricity prices are on the rise, this is not the only reason for that sudden increase in your utility bills. A faulty furnace can also contribute to this issue, especially one that has not been maintained properly. Ill-maintained and malfunctioning furnaces need more energy to heat things up, causing that spike in your electric bills.

There are many other indications of a soon-to-break-down furnace, but the three mentioned above are the most common. Once you notice these symptoms, act quickly to prevent further damages that might only cost you more.