Bath Bombs: The Bathing Sensation That Took the World by Storm

Bath BombsBath bombs are an international sensation. Popularized by the British beauty product company, Lush, bath bombs is a popular alternative to bubbles and bath salts. These luxuriously scented bath products are a type of bath fizzy. They pop and fizzle when dropped in the water, creating a temporary bubbling effect.

Though originally thought to clog drains, bath bombs are actually harmless, so there is no need to call a rooter service just yet. Plumbing companies like Action Plumbing, a plumber in Salt Lake City, have no problems with bath bombs as they do not contain oils that may solidify in the pipes. The real complaint about bath bombs is that they may temporarily stain white tile and ceramic tubs, but they easily wash off with a surfactant-based detergent.

A Fizzy Sensation

Bath bombs are successful because of their unique fizzing effect, coupled with a unique combination of perfumes and bright colors.

Bath bombs get their fizz from baking soda and citric acid. These white powders are inactive when dry, but react with water. This chemical reaction, which is completely safe and harmless, creates bubbles as it dissolves in the water. By adding natural dyes to the mix, the water takes on an interesting swirl of colors. People who love bath bombs love the fizzing effect and find it entertaining to watch them dissolve.

Perfume and Glitter

Many bath bombs are scented with essential oils. These natural oils are gentle on the skin and remain liquid at room temperature – they are chosen for their scents and the fact that they are less likely to clog drains.

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Some bath bomb companies also use a special type of luster to add sparkle to the water. Instead of using glitter, which is made of micro plastics that pollute the ocean, it is made of plant matter. These luster powders eventually biodegrade and dissolve.

Bath bombs are thankfully safe for both your plumbing and the environment. This entertaining bathing product is a good choice for a relaxing experience. It is no wonder that it is so popular.