Basic Materials for Fences

Wooden Fence

Over time, employing a fence does not only depict a need for privacy and security, but it also gives an aesthetic touch to your enclosed property. From nearly a hundred fence ideas, deciding which one complements your house and your need is quite challenging.

However, knowing the basic materials used in fencing might help you in the decision process.   


Materials for fences include aluminum, steel, and the traditional wrought iron.  Metals deliver a beautiful choice. Though expensive, it offers a high degree of security. 


One of the most common types of fencing is wood, giving your property a more traditional and natural look. Depending on the kind of lumber, it is still relatively cheap. However, it has the most limited life span.

A good amount of repeated maintenance is also required to extend the use of wood fences such as painting, sealing and cleaning. Like wood, bamboo fencing seems to hit the market for its natural and Zen-inspired look. It also appeals because of its environment-friendly features.


Though quite expensive, it is the material that delivers the most privacy and security. It also lasts longer than any fencing materials. About the design, you can achieve an excellent classic look when done right.

You can also opt to combine materials like concrete fence columns adorned with wood composite or metal for the rest of the fence.


For newer houses, a composite material such as vinyl or PVC is the top choice due to the clean and flexible style suitable for uniformity. It is more expensive than wood. However, its low maintenance feature makes it a cost-effective option.

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For a stronger structure, wrought iron is the best option. However, if you want a more modern look using metals, an aluminum fence is an option. It might not be as still as steel, but it sure is more durable.