Backyard Revolution: Trading Tree-Houses With Granny Flats


Tree-Houses in PerthThe cost of construction and renovation has gone through the roof. And with a growing family or the need for more comfort in your house, expanding your living space becomes a big problem.

If finding more space in your home stresses you out and the option of moving in to your child’s tree house sounds really compelling right now, here’s a great idea:

A Mashup of Old and New Ideas

A recent article shares a granny flat with a modern design of a tree-house that blends with the leafy environment as an affordable home expansion.

The smart vision is a twist to a common tree-house that entertains kids. The featured tree-house granny flat is equipped with clever features to accommodate modern living and comfortable living space. According to, a trained building and design consultant can give you advice on the best structure to create a unique granny flat. This will be designed to accommodate your budget and existing property layout.

Increase of Demand for Granny Flats

Investing in a more affordable second home in your existing property is a smart move. A study shows that granny flats are making a comeback in the Australian backyard. And because of its cos-effective and practical benefits, Aussies are getting wider living space without building new homes.

Granny flats give more than an extra room in your home; it can also serve as a source of extra income. One of the best cited benefits of owning one is the monthly income for renting it. Whether it’s for family use or extra cash, granny flats will give you more comfort than inconvenience.

If you’re living in a land larger than 405 square metres, a granny flat can make a viable extra living space. Building one in your backyard would give you the perfect solution for your need and your kids a cool place to hang out.