Are You Making These Mistakes When Picking Colours for Your Home?

interior room

interior roomLooking for the perfect colour to paint your walls is always an exciting part of home improvement. Although it is fun, most homeowners take it too lightly, and the result is a major renovation disaster. Instead of making the space awesome, the wrong colour schemes can make a room look awful.

As you know, colours affect the mood and appearance of a space. It can either bring life to the room or make it look stressful and uninviting.When painting your home, it is always a practical strategy to consult professional painting contractors to ensure an excellent renovation project.

With that, experts from Capital Decorators Ltd advise avoiding these mistakes:

Using Too Many Bright Colours

Too many bright colours can be overwhelming. It can also strain the eyes. If your goal is to brighten up a room, use only one bright paint colour, then create balance by choosing different shades. This creates an area where the eyes can rest. You will increase visual appeal because of the variety of colours.

When deciding what shade to pick for each room, treat your space as a whole unit. There should be proper colour transition to create harmony in each of the rooms.

Forgetting Function over Style

Unfortunately, some homeowners forget to consider the very function of a particular space when painting that they soon realise reduced level of comfort.

Each space has its purpose and colours can help deliver the purpose. For example, a bedroom is a place to rest and relax, but when the room is surrounded with stimulating colours like red and orange, it will defeat the purpose. Yellow and green encourages interaction, thus they are perfect for the living room and kitchen.

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Consider the function of each space when choosing colours so you get the most of your space and make decisions easier.

Playing it Safe

Many people are afraid of bold colours and stick with neutrals. While it is overwhelming to use too many bright colours, an excess of neutrals is equally unappealing because is too simple.

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality by adding bold shades. This can make a big difference. If you are unsure what to add, seek advice from professional painting contractors.

Painting jobs are not as easy as they may seem; just choosing colours involves various considerations. When in doubt, ask help from professionals.