Are you considering creating a Patio for your Outdoor Living Space? Plan for It.

Amazing Mediterranean home at twilight with patio and open french doors. Spanish style home at twilight and open floor plan.

More considerations and planning is required during construction of an outdoor patio as compared to an indoor bathroom. Reason being, besides ruling out that it is a patio you need and not a deck, you will need to find materials, space, establish a budget and hire a constructor.

Before it starts getting hot in Brisbane, begin your Just Patios patio extensions construction. The following ideas will go a long way in planning.

Purpose and Use of the patio

Various people have different reasons as to why they construct patios. For instance, some people are seeking to increase living space by pushing it outside, while others have too many hot months during the year thus the need for an environment-friendly area. Other reasons include, for dining, entertainment, as a spa or pool surround, or patio garden. The reason for putting up a patio will influence the design, style, accessories, level of privacy required.

You can take it up

If you are torn between ruining your already made backyard for a patio, consider adding a second storey. This way, you will retain the open space in your backyard and have a patio at the same time. Moreover, creating a second-storey patio will change the appearance and value of your home for the better. However, it is critical to engage a competent architect in this design to ensure that you strike a balance between the aesthetics that you desire and the practical solutions available.


Just like everything else, finances stand in the way for patio building too. Therefore, when budgeting, consider factors such as intricacy of design, the size of the patio, extras such as railings, flower boxes, built in seats as well as the contractor who will do it for you.

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Extending your house is both an exciting and result oriented project. However, you have heard horror stories of the people who have done that. It does not have to go south for you too. Observe the above and get a professional contractor for a classic patio in Brisbane.