Architecture 101: Will A Modular Home Work for You?


HomeWith almost 24 million people living in Australia, it is not surprising that alternative housing methods are now available in the market. While some people still prefer the house-and-lot setup, many are now considering the more practical option in modular homes

Here are a few pointers that will make you decide if a modular home is the right choice for your lifestyle:


Modular homes are pre-fabricated house sections or modules transported in your yard to create a single structure. These modules can be placed beside one another or stacked if you want multiple storeys. This process allows flexibility in style and layout, as it also uses common construction materials like wood, bricks or granite.

  1. Construction Time

Like in any project, contractors of modular homes in NSW should adhere to local residential building codes. Unlike common home construction, this cuts significant building time. You can talk to modular home companies and see available materials, so you can start living in your own space sooner than you think.

  1. Transcends Locations

Not all high-end building materials are available in rural markets; modular homes can solve that issue. Companies can deliver the modules even in suburban areas and construct it according to your specifications. You can save more money and have a stylish home away from the city.

  1. Green Living

Did you know that modular homes have reusable components? Builders can deconstruct, transfer and reconstruct these homes for economic and environmental benefits. If you decide to marry and move elsewhere, you can still have your old home with you or turn it into an extension of your new property.

With an image of transiency and sizes limited by transportation, having a modular home may really feel that you are living in an apartment. If you do adequate research about smaller homes, you will see that more compact-sized homes are the practical option. You will have just enough space for living essentials.

So, will a modular home work for you? The choice is up to you.