Architects’ Pick: Aluminium Windows For Modern Homes

Aluminium Windows For Homes in CanberraDeciding on a perfect window for your home can be tricky whether it is for replacement or new installation since it involves balancing aesthetics and functionality. Many architects today recommend aluminium as a window material. Find out why.

Durability and Versatility

The contemporary style is quite popular in current home designs, evolving with the advancement of new window technology. Architects recommend aluminium windows for these structures because of their overall strength, durability, design versatility, and constant value.

Since purchasing a home is a major investment, your choice of home parts and fixtures should last long and withstand natural and design challenges. They should also have the other qualities stated above to ensure value-for-money.

Weather Protection and Temperature Control

In constructing a house, considering the climate of the location is always paramount. Monaro Windows recommends aluminium windows and doors for homes in Canberra due to the area’s warm to hot summers, cool to cold winters, and wet October days. Aluminium windows provide exceptional thermal and sound insulation. They have better thermal performance than timber and PVC windows, improving temperature within the home. Since they control air and moisture flow, which contribute to temperature fluctuations, aluminium windows make a home energy efficient.


Unlike other window types, aluminium windows are highly resistant to corrosion and require minimal maintenance. Painting or oiling is not necessary, unlike timber windows which are prone to moisture and has to be maintained often.

Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from providing comfort, aluminium windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of home interiors. They give sliding, bi-fold, framing, and awning windows a clean appearance that matches contemporary home designs.

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Window materials have their pros and cons. For contemporary houses, home builders and architects recommend aluminium windows which offer better thermal performance, energy efficiency and long-lasting features.