Architect or Interior Designer? Knowing Which One to Hire for Your Home

Home RedesignWhether you are building a new home from the ground up or starting a complete remodelling project, you may want to hire an architect or an interior designer to make it look its best. Some people find it hard to differentiate the two, however, and ultimately make the wrong decision during the hiring process. Here are some information to help you decide.


An architect in Brisbane had training to go beyond a normal person’s imagination to come up with home designs. This includes layers of creative ideas for lines, numbers, angles and many more. These are some of their skills:

  • Developed strong logical thinking and mathematical skills to make sure the structures they design and build are stable and sound
  • Professionally trained to design all types of buildings
  • Draws up design plans using computer-aided software
  • Takes into account form, function, needs and safety when coming up with designs
  • Their designs incorporate both functionality and beauty for your overall satisfaction
  • Communicates with everyone involved with the design
  • Supervise every aspect of the construction closely
Interior Designers

An interior designer focuses on making things pleasing to the eyes, but contrary to popular belief, that’s not the end of their skill set. They can go beyond beauty, as well. Most of them even have training in design, construction, architecture, sustainability and building codes. Here are some of their skills:

  • Developed commendable spatial and aesthetic design skills
  • Professionally trained to plan spaces for all types of buildings
  • Consults with the client before rending the design
  • Creates spaces through allocation of paints, fabrics and furnishings
  • Takes into account functionality and beauty, as well as safety and adherence to building codes
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The main difference is that architects can help in both interior and exterior parts of your home, but interior designers work better when dealing with interior spaces. The decision depends on your priorities and scope of building and renovation, so choose wisely. For some projects, you can hire both.