Aluminium Properties and their Household Benefits

Home in Australia

Home in AustraliaEvery home owner benefits from having knowledge of the materials used for their home.  It pays to know that some materials have properties that make them ideal for home building and design. One of these materials is aluminium.

Aluminium has many good qualities. These qualities make it an ideal material for roofing, foil insulation, window treatment among others. Using aluminium has many benefits. Here are some of them:

Helps Manage Room Temperature

Aluminium absorbs only 5% of heat and 20% of light that hits its surface. The rest bounces off. According to, shutters made from superior aluminium provide good temperature and light control.  Aluminium’s high reflective quality makes the room warmer or cooler, depending on where you install it.

Easy to control

Aluminium has low density, which means it’s lightweight. Its lightness makes it a good material for window shutters.  Shutters and other house decors made of aluminium are easy to manage.


Though it’s lightweight, aluminium is a strong material. In low temperature, its strength increases. In high temperature, however, it becomes brittle.


Aluminium can be moulded and reshaped easily.  You can change its shape or form without breaking it because of its malleability.

Resistant to Corrosion

This metal produces aluminium oxide,  which offers an excellent protection against rust. This makes airplanes and other machineries made of aluminium rust free even after years of exposure to rain and snow.  It also makes household items like trays, wiring, screen doors and windows long-lasting.

Environment Friendly

Aluminium has a low thermal point.  You can easily reshape and  weld it without using high energy input. It has a zero toxic level, making it environment friendly. It also requires less energy to recycle aluminium.

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Aluminium’s fine qualities make it a good material for building or decorating a home.  But it also serves many other purposes beyond the home.  This material is also utilised for commercial purposes.