All in the Details: Making Home Maintenance Easier

Home maintenance

Home maintenance is undoubtedly a tough job. There’s just too much to take into account, be it the current weather conditions or the service life of important appliances like HVAC. As a result, many homeowners across the U.S. tend to miss out important details, such as weird sounds coming from their air conditioning unit and leaking pipes.

It’s important to pay closer attention when keeping your home in good shape. Maintenance mistakes, no matter how small, can lead to faulty long-term problems in the future. These include a broken HVAC system or an incurring huge utility bill.

Here are some handy tips to ensure that your home is always in tip-top condition:

Check the furnace filters at least once a month

Dust and other debris and pollutants can build up and clog the furnace filter eventually. Don’t wait for your unit to overheat and damage the motor before replacing the filter. Furnace service professionals in Salt Lake City suggest checking the filter at least once a month or whenever necessary. Check if the airflow is restricted. If so, better call for replacements immediately.

Mind the caulking and weather stripping

Window and door frames are the usual places where air and moisture can seep through, which could spell disaster for your interior furniture. Always check if the caulking and weather stripping is still sturdy. If you notice gaps or airflow, it’s time to apply caulk to those areas again.

Inspect for the washing machine water hose for any leaks

If you’re wondering why you have a high utility bill, a leaky washing machine water supply hose is usually the primary culprit. Check if there are lines of discoloration or rust along the ends of the drain lines, as these are telltale signs of a leak.

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While maintaining your home can be quite challenging, it can be especially rewarding as well. You avoid a high utility bill at the end of the month, but you also ensure that your home is in good condition.