Add Value to Your Narrow House with These Wonderful Additions

Home Upgrades

Home UpgradesIf you happen to be one of those who are attracted to narrow houses in Australia, or simply can’t do much with their small home, then it’s important to know that this type of property can be attractive and comfortable to live with the right design and placement.

Here are some ideas that industry professional suggests for narrow lot house plans in Brisbane to add value and beauty to your property:

Elongated Pool – Any kind of pool, regardless of the size, can still be a great addition to your home. You can say the same with an alleyway pool. You can transform those alleys that do not eat too much space into a swimming pool, a pond or even a Jacuzzi tub. You can also decide to have also these three if your space allows. For the pool, aim for depth since there isn’t much you can do with width and put in seats when designing the Jacuzzi part. If you choose to have a pond, try to have some fishes that like to nibble and eat dead skin off your feet.

Rectangular Fireplaces – Instead of installing large fireplaces, you may want to choose rectangular ones that would look good against a narrow wall. Consider buying some relaxing couches or installing comfy built-in seating. Even a mat in front of the fire pit is also a good idea. Just make sure you have the proper fireplace screen to prevent an accident.

Side Gables – Gables not only add aesthetic value to any home, but they can also provide larger living space in the attic. In the case of elongated homes, they would be located at the sides instead of the front and you can place in as many as you can just so you can create a room or rooms in an otherwise only-for-storage area.

Once you have decided on what you want to install in your narrow house, have your architect put it in the plans. Do not be deterred by the lack of space ever again. After all, limited space doesn’t mean that you also have to limit your possibilities.