AC Preservation: Protecting Your Air Conditioning System During Inclement Weather

Air conditioning system

Terrible weather conditions, such as floods, storms, and heavy rains, can wreak havoc to an unprepared homeowner. Apart from gathering food, water, and other supplies, one of the things that you should do is to keep your air conditioning system protected. While you can always count on a reputable air conditioning repair company in St. Louis to fix your AC unit, it would still be best to exert all efforts to safeguard your system against harm. Keep these things in mind when protecting your AC.

Move the Unit to a High Ground

Floods can deal serious damage to your AC system, requiring you to replace the entire unit. It’s vital that you either move your system to higher ground or, at least, raise it so that it stays above standing water.

Relocating an AC unit, of course, isn’t an easy thing to do as it requires specific skills and expertise to accomplish safely. Instead of doing this task on your own, seek the help of competent AC specialists. They have the knowledge, equipment, and tools to keep your unit safely elevated against potential floods.

Keep Plants Away from the Unit

Another danger during bad weather is the presence of plant debris and falling trees, as they can physically damage your AC system. Moreover, any debris that becomes stuck inside the unit could cause the AC to malfunction. So, make sure to keep all of the trees, landscaping, and brush away from the system as much as possible. Moreover, keep the area around the air conditioner clear by getting rid of grass clippings and other plant debris that may clog the coils and break down the system.

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Protect Your AC from Lightning

Severe weather with lots of lightning strikes can do a number on your AC system’s electronics. If the weather is nasty, consider switching off the AC. It’s also ideal to install surge protectors, which keeps the motors of your AC unit safe.

Moving your AC unit to higher ground, keeping plants away from the unit, and protecting your AC system from lightning will safeguard your unit from inclement weather. When the storm passes, don’t turn on your AC right away. Instead, perform checks to see if the weather has damaged an important component in the system.