A War for Your Walls: Wallpaper vs. Paint

paint palette

Your walls are an important part of your home décor since your choice of wall design and color scheme will affect the overall style of your furniture and home decor. If you’re finishing up your walls and are wondering whether to use wallpaper or paint, then it’s important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each.


In general, paint tends to be cheaper than wallpaper. There are fewer costs for both the paint and the supplies needed to apply it. However, even though the costs of a paint job are cheaper upfront, painted walls need to be touched up more often over time, especially in high-traffic areas of the home.

The costs of wallpaper and its installation can be more expensive than paint. Luckily, there are sites like wallpaperwarehouse.com that have a large selection of wallpaper for all budgets.


Paint can last for up to ten years in non-high-traffic areas of your home. Otherwise, you will have to continually touch-up and repaint your walls. When you repaint your walls, you must find new paint that matches your previous wall color. On the other hand, wallpaper can last up to 15 years and beyond. Unlike paint, it is a great way to decorate high-traffic areas in your home. Properly-installed wallpaper can last three times longer than paint.

Environmentally Friendly

Some paints contain toxic chemicals that can negatively affect you and your children. Wallpaper, meanwhile, is made of natural materials like paper, which is biodegradable. Likewise, the adhesives do not contain harmful chemicals like acetone or turpentine. With wallpaper, you won’t have to put up with dangerous fumes that can affect your indoor air quality and health.

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Both wallpaper and paint are easy to install and apply. Wallpaper sticks easily to surfaces and can hide many imperfections on your walls. There are many ways to attach wallpaper, including paste the paper, paste the wall, pre-pasted, and even peel and stick methods. Installation can be done by you or by a professional.

Paint, meanwhile, can only be applied after the wall has been properly prepared. Applying paint is easy and straightforward, especially if you have the right tools. You just have to be careful with the smell of fresh paint. Remember to keep the room that you’re painting well-ventilated. Make sure to put down newspaper to keep the rest of the surfaces in the room paint-free.

Variety of Styles

Wallpaper comes in an array of colors, designs, patterns, and styles. It also has a range of finishes and textures, from raised inks and glitter to metallic finishes and embossed patterns. If you’re using peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can even easily change the design.

Paint has a near limitless range of colors available. However, the finishes are limited to matte and glossy. You can also change paint colors if you wish, though changing from a dark shade to a light hue might require paint stripping and/or several layers of paint.

From cost to the variety of styles, wallpaper wins. It is more cost-effective, durable, and has a wider range of designs than paint. However, you can still get the best of both worlds by using a combination of both in your home. This would prove to be the best solution to the problem of choosing between the two – just make sure the paint and the wallpaper complement each other.

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