A Guide to Selecting Bathroom Cabinets Based on Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Renovation Service

Your bathroom should be the most relaxing area of your home. Nothing, after all, can relax you better than a long luxurious shower after or before a hectic day. Unfortunately, your bathroom might not have the best appearance to serve this purpose.

The way to get the best look is investing in bathroom remodeling by an expert company such as Fort Myers’ Trinity Builders of South West Florida.

One of the things you should focus your remodel project on is the cabinets. These will bring together all areas of your bathroom’s decor to create the best look. Here is a guide for choosing cabinets for different bathrooms styles.

Traditional Style

This is generally a formal bathroom setting. Vintage fixtures and embellished or carved cabinetry are the ideal choices for a traditional look. Dark wood cabinet finishes with a timeless flair are a perfect choice.

Though patterns are not a standard feature in traditional cabinet finishes, you can opt for subtle or bold classic designs for your cabinets.

Contemporary Style

Streamlined, clutter-free and sleek looks are the integral features in contemporary-styled bathrooms. Eco-friendly wood cabinets, such as those made of cork and bamboo, are popular choices.

White is a popular color choice for contemporary bathroom cabinets paired with splashes of energizing colors including yellow, red and turquoise on walls. Simple, clean lines and geometric-shaped cabinets are also perfect choices for this style.

Cottage Style

This warm, casual style reflecting cottage living is one of the most popular nowadays. Hardwood is the choice material for cottage style cabinets.

The cabinets are distressed or painted to resemble antique furniture and finished with antique-style knobs and handles. Soft color tones are the ideal option for cottage-style bathroom cabinets.

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Bathroom cabinets are no longer just furniture pieces. They are the primary design features in bathrooms today. With the above guide, it is now easy to match your cabinet choice to the style you intend to create in your bathroom remodel.