A Guide to Keeping an Organised Storage Space

packing in Perth

packing in PerthSelf-storage units are lifesavers, especially for belongings that do not fit in your home anymore. This also assures you that you are not suffering along with 400,000 Australians from the “national disorder” of hoarding.

As convenient as it is to shove all your belongings in the large space of your storage unit, you will definitely regret it. In which case these spaces become the realization of hell when you start having a hard time finding your things — all because you did not bother to organise them.

Let this guide help you keep a well-organised storage space with the following ideas.

Clean First

Before moving your stuff in the unit, you will have to clean it first. This conditions the mind to create a neat and organised space for your belongings. Whether you choose to have it in Sydney or Perth, self-storage spaces will always need a good cleaning to protect your items from pests, dust and mould.

Pack Strategically

It is so easy to just dump all your clutter without thought or pretence, but packing strategically will prove beneficial to you. Using the right material or container can save you money and more importantly, space.

Pack your fragile goods in sturdy boxes to keep them safe and secure. Put the essential or specialty goods in clear containers for easy spotting and protection against mould or dust. Place fabrics or soft materials in plastic as they can take on different shapes and save on space.

Label Everything

Using cardboard boxes is economical and useful. If you do not have the luxury or access to different types of storage containers, labelling them accordingly saves you a great deal of time and energy. How? It automatically tells you what a box contains without having to dig through a pile and sweating buckets for it.

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Keep an Inventory

Keep a list of the things you stored and avoid the stress that comes from not finding what you are looking for. Other than this assurance, keeping a list lets you keep track your belongings and see if anything is missing.

Create a Path

One of the many neglected aspects of storage spaces are pathways for access. Your  belongings need to be easily taken and put back in place and this is not without having the adequate space to do so. When arranging your belongings in the space, it is important to keep the heavy ones at the bottom, the useful ones up front and the light stuff on top.

In the same principle, make sure to create enough space to move so you can easily find and get your items from their boxes.

Self-storage units may be lifesavers, but not utilizing them well enough can turn it into a nightmare. Follow some of these tips to keep the clutter away and make your storage space organised.