A Clean But Shrunken Carpet Might be a Useless Carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in CroydonThe last thing you want is an expensive carpet shrinking after some cleaning. Yes, it is cleaner, but it might just end up useless due to its smaller size.

A clean carpet is necessary to ensure better health for everyone at home. Rather than allow it to accumulate dirt and dust, you resolve to clean it on your own. Despite your good intentions, however, you may end up shrinking the carpet.

Carpets that Shrink

Generally, there are two types of carpets: Wiltons & Axminsters. Genuine Axminster carpets have wool face fibres and backing yarns, which interweaves with the wool. These sort of carpets do not easily shrink, but when the jute becomes wet, the backing could shrink.

Wiltons that shrink, on the other hand, are Belgian Wiltons. These carpets are made from polypropylene face fibre with a jute backing similar to the Axminster. Polypropylene does not hold up so well against moisture; it goes straight to the pile into the backing, which results in carpet shrinking.

Why the Shrinking

According to CarpetBright.uk.com, carpet cleaning provider in Croydon, poor cleaning is the leading culprit behind shrunken carpets. Cleaning shrinks carpets when you use the wrong techniques or equipment that lack in power. If your cleaning machine is small, it cannot extract enough water from the carpet, which causes shrinking.

Bad technique involves applying excessive amounts of cleaning agents combined with too much water. The rinsing action causes the jute to back up when wet, essentially swelling in size. The need for more spaces causes stress on the carpet, which then encourages shrinkage.

Keeping it Clean and its Size

If your carpet is a Belgian Wilton or Axminster, cleaning requires extra caution. To prevent shrinkage, trust a cleaning company for the job. The professional carpet cleaner should be knowledgeable of carpet shrinkage and reliable equipment.

Cleaning your carpet should not result in unfortunate shrinkage. Trust the professionals instead to ensure your carpet stays clean and in size.