5 Ways to Decorate Your Office for Improved Productivity

Office DecorationWhether your promotion comes with an office with a view or you’re simply feeling unproductive lately, you might want to consider a workspace makeover. Any workplace environment has a huge impact on your behaviour and mood. While you can’t change locations, you can always improve your current office situation.

Change Colour Scheme

According to CEO and founder of The Office Stylist, Sayeh Pezeshki, the shade of sky blue boosts productivity while keeping you relaxed. If its calming effect is making you idle, you can add a pop of colour like tangerine.

Don’t Embrace the Clutter

Mess does not equate to diligence. The pile of documents scattered all over your table and your pens lying in different places don’t assert your productivity. Keep it clean all the time or at least use organisers to sort your files and office supplies. This will help cut time just looking for a whiteboard marker or a note that your colleague or secretary just handed.

Use Comfortable Furniture

Furniture affects ergonomics. If your computer chair is wobbly and doesn’t recline properly or if your table is too high or low, this may be affecting your efficiency. It might likewise have a negative effect on your health in the long run. You don’t want to wake up one day and start complaining about back pains.

Have Proper Lighting and Temperature

Are the lights too bright, too dim, or too yellow? Are you getting little or too much natural light? If you need to request that the lights be replaced, go ahead. If the sun strikes you directly at a certain time of the day, you can ask for roller blinds made to measure your office windows. You also want to check the cooling and heating system.

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Personalise, but Keep it Professional

Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your space. You can bring a few knick-knacks for display or print family portraits to put on the table. However, don’t go over the top in personalising it. You need to make sure that it still looks professional, especially if you are receiving other people in your office.

Office spaces can be boring, and boring doesn’t do any good to our moods. Explore some ideas to spruce up your workplace, so you can always put your game face on.