5 Unique Holiday Decorations to Feature in Your Yard and Porch

Christmas decorations
It is no longer about having the tallest tree or the brightest lights. Today, a lot of homeowners and building owners go with a theme in picking their decors. Some mix and match different items.

On the other hand, others show municipal holiday decorations that are unique. DIY decors are an excellent addition to your interior. For example, you can hang photos and cards in your Christmas tree. For your front yard and porch, you can place any of the following holiday decors.

Bare Trees Covered in Lights

In some states like Minnesota, yards and roofs are covered in snow during the Christmas season. Many trees also lose their leaves. If your yard doesn’t have many green features, you can set up Christmas trees. If you already have pine trees, you just need to adorn them with balls and lights.

How about those bare trees? You don’t have to cut them down to have a picture-perfect front yard for the holidays. You can cover them with lights from the exposed roots to the tips of the branches.

Balls of Lights

With wires and Christmas lights, you can set up glowing balls in your yard. You can feature balls of different colors and sizes. You can place them all in one place or scatter them if you have a spacious yard.

Small Christmas Trees

Big Christmas trees are one of the basics of holiday decorations. Small Christmas trees are rarely seen, and that is a good thing. You can put small evergreens in pots and baskets and place them on your porch. You can position them beside their big counterparts too.

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Big Pine Cones

Regular pine cones are around 3 to 5 inches long. These cones are also nice accents. However, if you want something extraordinary, you can go for sugar pine cones.

Sugar pine cones are the longest among all pine cones. These are usually about one foot long. You can hang these on your trees, doors and windows.

Box or Basket of Accents

If you have too many decors lying around, why not mix them all in a box or basket? These include cones, balls, ribbons, garlands and candy canes. Instead of putting all presents under the tree, you can display the small ones in a basket if you want.
Placing municipal holiday decorations might seem like a time-consuming chore. However, it can be a fun activity for families and communities. It can be a way to showcase creativity as well.