5 Major Services You Should Expect From Your Air Duct Cleaning Company

A close up of a dirty air duct

Dirt can spoil your ducts. Hence there is a need to clean them. When dirty ducts are cleaned, then there is no room for harmful bacterial and other particles. If you need your ducts to be cleaned you can, seek the services of Indiana air duct cleaning company.

When you hire a company to clean your dirty ducts, these are some of the tasks you expect them to do for you.

They Should Open All Ports and Doors

The duct cleaning service provider should open all the ports and doors to ensure that the whole system is well cleaned and inspected to avoid contamination. They should do it thoroughly and carefully.

Brush All Duct Surfaces

The company should make sure that all duct surfaces are brushed thoroughly. They should use a contact vacuum cleaner to allow removal of all dust particles that might have accumulated in the duct. When this is done properly, there is no breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria.

They Should Ensure All the Ductwork Is Protected

The duct cleaning service company should protect the ductwork by sealing the accessible holes and re-insulating them. They should use soft brushes to clean fiberglass duct or metal ducts that are lined with fiberglass.

Inspect the System Before Cleaning

The company should examine the system thoroughly before cleaning to look for materials that act as insulators. This should be done by well-trained contractors so that it is done with professionalism.

Protect Furnishings and Carpeting Them

The duct cleaning service should provide maximum protection to the furnishings and carpeting as they carry out their cleaning procedure. This enables the system to be clean and free from dust particles.

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Cleaning of ducts should be done thoroughly and by people with high level of expertise. With this, you are guaranteed to quality work. Your ducts will also be free from any contamination.