4 Wire Mesh Fencing Ideas to Complement Your Home

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh FenceWire mesh is a practical fencing solution, but it does not look particularly exciting. If you’re considering having a wire mesh fence for your home, you may be thinking about how to make it look more appealing.

Wire mesh is cost-effective, but gives excellent property protection, notes Direct Trades Supply. These qualities make it a good choice for fencing. Choosing it for its strength and durability does not mean you have to settle for a plain looking fence around your home.

Here are some ideas that can make wire mesh go well with your property:

1. Wooden slats can do the trick.

You can add a wire mesh to a wooden fence. That way, you get to indulge in the warm tones of wood, save on costs because the posts and beams could be far apart, and still manage to keep your pets in.

2. Consider privacy screens.

You may also use privacy screens and fabric panels with creative prints which will not only hide your wire mesh, but will also provide wind breaks and protect not only your garden and pets but your privacy as well.

3. Let climbing plants grow.

You may also use climbing plants by allowing them to grow on your wire mesh fence, to achieve a more natural look. You can choose from a variety of plants, but choose plants that are a good fit for your local environment. The Australian National Botanic Gardens has a list of climbing plants to help you choose which plants are best for your fence.

4. Create decorations made of different materials.

You could also try making your own fence ornaments. If you are an artist at heart and can create stunning pieces, you could use recycled materials such as plastic bottles and come up with unique designs to transform and personalize your wire mesh.

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What you can do with your wire mesh fence is limited only by how much you tap into your creativity and imagination. Keep in mind, though, that creativity should not compromise your fence’s functionality.