4 Ways to Dress Up Your Old Garage

Car Entering a Garage Door

If your garage has started to look old and boring, you might want to make it look exciting again. The great news is that there are many affordable ways you can do that this year. Here are four of them.

1. Give the door a makeover

Start by hiring a reputable residential garage door repair contractor in Pittsburgh to fix any flimsy parts your aging door may have. Next, consider repainting or staining it to enhance its visual appeal. You may also want to install an automatic garage door opener if the door doesn’t already have one.

2. Reorganize the space

Sometimes, all your garage needs to look better is a better organization. While the garage needs strong and durable storage solutions, they don’t have to be boring. Replace those drab wooden shelves with shiny metallic ones. Even better, have a contractor install a magnetic solution on the wall for holding your drill bits. If you’re running short on space, opt for ceiling storage.

3. Opt for colored paint

Most homeowners paint their garage walls white, but who says you must follow suit? Opt for something totally different. You don’t need to commit to a vibrant color for all of your walls, as long as you have a bright accent wall. You could opt for neutral colors like tan or beige, which don’t reveal dirt easily.

4. Customize your floor

Many garages have floors that don’t help the room’s appearance. How about customizing your floor to something more stylish? If you have a concrete floor, for instance, you could have an experienced contractor stain and etch it into a new exciting wooden appearance.

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Your garage is an essential space in your home, so don’t let it fall into neglect. By adopting a few ideas to dress it up, you can make it much more attractive and interesting to spend time in.