4 Tips for Throwing a Budget-Friendly Kiddie Party

Family picture at a party

Some parents seem to compete as to who can throw the most lavish children’s birthday party. That’s just entirely impractical. After all, you’re doing all this effort for your kid and not to show the other parents how much money you have. So instead of spending money that you don’t have, stick to your budget and focus on what’s important.

1. Host it at home

Having your kiddie party at home can help you save $300 on average for a venue. You may still need to spend for a couple of things such as cleaning and lawn care services for your Utah home, but it would still be the cheaper option.

2. Prepare your own food or go for delivery

Kids don’t bother so much with the food, so this must be the least of your worries. If you hire a catering service, there could be so much wastage. Watch some videos online to get some great kiddie party pica-pica ideas. If you don’t have the time, food delivery service wouldn’t be so bad.

3. Use recycled props and decor

If you have props and decor available at home, feel free to use them. Otherwise, ask around and you’ll surely find friends and family members who will be willing to lend you what they have. If you really can’t resist, only visit thrift or dollar stores for all other items that are necessary.

4. Send electronic invites

Have someone to design your invitations and send them online. You can also create an event page where you can post announcements and reminders. After the party, distribute your Thank You cards electronically. Aside from it being cheaper, it is also eco-friendlier.

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Now that you know what you can scrimp on, you can spend most of your budget on the important areas of the party, which is entertainment. Know what activities your kid and his or her friends will like. If it doesn’t require that you shell off hundreds of dollars, all the better. In the end, what would matter more is how much fun they would have.