4 Reasons to Consider a Granny Flat for Aging Parents

A family spending time together outsideIf you have aging parents living with you at home or extended relatives, consider getting a kit home granny flat as a housing solution. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.

Keeps the family together.

It’s hard to live away from aging parents, especially if they have medical conditions that need regular care. If you have a large backyard, you can opt for small- and medium-size granny flats. It keeps your relatives close without overcrowding your main house. This is especially helpful if you have a limited number of rooms.

Provides a sense of independence.

There are people who want their own space, even aging parents. Regardless of who lives in the granny flat—be it your parents, in-laws, relatives or even older children—these housing solutions provide the kind of space they need without you having to worry about being so far away. For senior adults, it is still very important to make them feel that they can be independent.

Provides passive income.

You can also rent out your granny flat for some extra dough. Instead of simply using it as another space to entertain guests, get boarders and make it a money-making venture. Whether you decide to rent it for long-term or short-term use, that’s still money generating from your own backyard. If you don’t believe in the lucrative business of renting, just check the success stories in AirBnB.

Provides good investment.

Whether you’re building for families or for long-term renting, granny flats are good investments you can make out of your own backyard space. Australian lots often have sizeable backyard spaces, so don’t let it go to waste. Should you wish to sell your property in the future, granny flats can even increase your home value.

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If you have all the requirements and reasons to get a granny flat, don’t delay any further. Take advantage of these investments and start making money out of your own backyard. If you’re building it for family, a sense of independence is something that seniors can really appreciate and you can benefit from.