4 Kitchen Upgrades That are Worth the Investment

Remodelled Kitchen

Tired of seeing the outdated and boring look of your kitchen? Maybe it’s about time to consider the idea of a makeover. If you’re still deciding what changes or projects should you go for, rest easy because here’s a list of most value-added upgrades for your kitchen room:

Re-Color Your Kitchen

A new coat of color can definitely make any area or surface in your kitchen look better. Whether it’s your cupboards and cabinets or the walls, a fresh paint is a great way to go. Be sure that you’re applying the right set of colors, though. You may refer to the color wheel or ask an interior designer for suggestions.

A Quick Change on the Counter

Improve your cooking experience by replacing the kitchen counter. Set aside the hassles of constantly cleaning these surfaces by choosing more functional and long-lasting designs. Accentinteriors.com says that you’ll find a variety of countertop designs online or in your local store, which requires minimal maintenance yet offer a charming finish when installed.

An Upgrade on Your Appliance

If your fridge, oven, or stove has been sitting there for almost a decade, it’s time for a replacement. Most appliances only last for a good 10 to 15 years. If they go beyond that, then expect to deal with constant troubles or problems. However, it’s important to be practical when shopping for new ones. Weigh your options and consider the long-term investment you’re putting into it.

It’s All in the Lights

Many homeowners ignore the importance of lights in setting the mood and theme of their kitchen. In most home renovation projects, one of the most basic step designers do is to change the lights first and from there on they could proceed with other re-decorations.

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Whether or not you’re going for full kitchen upgrade, the ideal cost for the project should be no more than 5% to 20% of your home’s total value. Otherwise, it’s no longer worth the money. One quick reminder, try to consider small changes first before you go for bigger remodeling projects. As you may know, the simplest projects are often the ones that would bring valuable changes.