4 Garage Door Repair Signs to Watch Out For

Man installing garage doorGarage doors are one of the tools at home that people often take for granted. Imagine not having one. You would need to come down to your car and manually open the door in the middle of a snowy weather just to get your car parked inside your home. By simply thinking about it is a nightmare. The point is, it is important to always keep your garage doors in check.

Once you spot signs (like the ones below) that your garage door is not functioning like it is supposed to, Price’s Guaranteed Doors noted that calling professional garage door repair services in Utah is the next step you should take.

1. Unusual sounds

It is normal for your garage door to have sounds, especially when it is operating. However, when these sounds become increasingly loud and unusual, then there is something wrong with your garage door. A loose or tight screw that needs some attention is usually the culprit.

2. Partial or slow opening

If your garage door does not open as fast as it used to, then there must be some dirt or foreign object stuck in the system. Professional help is necessary to make sure that all parts are thoroughly checked and fixed.

3. Off tracks

Doors that are off the tracks are mostly due to old age and poor maintenance. They also make loud noises. Observe your garage door from time to time and check its track alignment. If it is off tracks, do not attempt to fix it yourself and seek professional help instead.

4. Increasing energy bills

If you notice your energy bills increasing without you having a significant change in consumption, including your garage door when doing your inspection might be helpful. A malfunctioning door will obviously consume more electricity than a well-functioning one.

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Be an observant homeowner and invest in your garage door repairs. You will definitely enjoy better and longer services when you do so.