3 Tips for Maintaining Your Sprinkler During Winter

closeup of hand pressing a sprinkler

Watering systems play a significant role in ensuring orchards, botanical, and flower gardens stay in good shape. And the idea of owning one for home care is highly welcome. However, repairing these watering systems now and then may leave a dent on your wallet. So, taking the following preventive measures while bracing for the cold winter spell is critical.

1. Cut off the water supply

It is wise that you start by stopping the water supply to your sprinkler system. This can be done by use of the system’s shut-off valve. Preventing the water from entering the system prevents the freezing of water in the pipes, which reduces the chances of your pipes bursting.

2. Properly insulate the system

When it comes to insulation, avoid DIYs. Instead, contact the irrigation system pros like Utah Sprinkler for home sprinkler repairs in Salt Lake City. They possess the best skills and methods of insulating the system valves against freezing. This is to avoid the pressure that accumulates in the pipes that can cause them to burst, culminating in a significant financial loss.

3. Drain the system

If you have been using the system just before the winter period, it is apparent that it still contains some water. So, it is necessary that you flush out the water entirely by use of a compressor air. This is primarily for the pipes that are exposed and are susceptible to freezing.

Your sprinkler system ensures that the lawns remain beautiful hence accentuating the beauty of your whole property. Therefore, it is a worthy investment that needs proper care. Winterizing it using the above guide is one way of achieving this.

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