3 Things You Need to Do Before Waterproofing Your Basement

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Do you know that approximately 98 percent of all basements across the US will experience some water damage at some point? Interestingly, about 38 percent of US households who have suffered water damage claim to have suffered losses as well. If you are planning to finally waterproof your basement, here are some things you need to do first. Include these three things in your checklist before you pursue basement waterproofing in Indianapolis.

Patch any cracks in your basement walls.

A professional can do a thorough check of your basement and advise if you need to make some repairs before waterproofing. For instance, if there are cracks in your basements, you need to address those first. You can go the DIY route and use patch it yourself but if you don’t have the know-how, just let the pros work on it or risk creating more damage.

Check your garden.

If you have plants and shrubs that are growing too close to your home’s foundation, you may have some problems. The roots can pave the way for the water to go down and cause leaks in your foundation. Make sure that the plants are at least twelve inches away and they are sloping away from the foundation of your home.

Inspect your patios and driveways.

Ideally, the ground surrounding your home should be sloping away from the foundation. If it is sloping towards it, then you might have a problem with the soil. If you’re not sure how to inspect it, call in the pros. You should also check if there are cracks and chips in your driveways and patios as it can lead to water intrusion.

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Protect Your Home from Water Damage

One of the best ways to protect your basement and your home’s foundation from water damage is to waterproof it. Think of it as one of the best investments you can have for your real estate property, one that will surely give high returns in the years to come.