3 Things to Consider before Renting a One-Bedroom Flat

Renting a One-Bedroom Flat

Renting a One-Bedroom FlatA one-bedroom apartment is a popular housing choice among Australian bachelors and bachelorettes. Compared to a studio-type flat, an apartment with one separate bedroom has obvious advantages that could let you enjoy the kind of lifestyle you’ve ever wanted, according to some experts from Pointcorp.

Studio apartments sure create an illusion of space, but one-bedroom types are usually bigger even with walls. The latter offers more privacy and better social opportunities to host events and accommodate a number of guests. Also, you might get more storage space with a one-bedroom flat without making your place feel so cramped.

However, one-bedroom apartments don’t have it all. They may have benefits you can’t find in studio flats, but you must still consider what comes with this type of living space.

A Slightly Costlier Rent

Generally, the rent of studio-types is more affordable than one-bedroom apartments in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The rental difference varies per location, but it shouldn’t be that much anywhere in the country.

Even if you’re particular about the price, you might not really mind the extra rent because of the unique amenities one-bedroom flats bring to the table.

The Need for More Furnishings

Because a one-bedroom apartment has more living spaces than its studio counterpart, you’d need more home items. Depending on your interior design, you might have to buy additional pieces of furniture to make every inch of your apartment livable.Your Energy Savings

A Little More Maintenance

Studio apartments tend to have low electric bills and require less upkeep. On the other hand, the separate living spaces you’d have with a one-bedroom flat might consume more energy and entail more cleaning.

This is, of course, a case-by-case situation. But if you don’t really make a lot of mess or wait for your rubbish to pile up before you do something, this shouldn’t be a real worry.

A one-bedroom apartment is for you if you love to socialise, value your privacy and want to get more for what you pay for. It may not be for everybody, but it’s definitely a sound choice for many situations.