3 Studies on How Lighting Affect Employee Productivity

employee productivityNatural and artificial lighting have been known to affect mood, emotional intensity, and productivity. Here are some studies that will prove how lighting can affect your employees’ performance and why you should hire professional office design services to address lighting issues.

Lighting can affect a person’s emotional intensity.

In a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers found that people exposed to more intense light have higher emotional intensity, for both good and bad. During one of the experiments, the participants who were exposed to more intense, brighter lighting experienced more intense emotions. For example, the researchers noted that the positive words they saw or heard sounded even more positive and vice versa.

Bright light can help people eat healthier.

In a 2016 study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, researchers found that people are more likely to get healthier food options (between 16 and 24 percent) when eating in a brightly-lit room. And this correlation has something to do with the person’s increased alertness under bright light. This finding can help businesses design their workplace cafeteria brighter, so employees will be more alert and inspired to eat healthier.

Natural light helps people get better quality sleep.

Sleep-deprived employees are more likely to cause errors. If office interiors can help employees get better quality sleep, it will also benefit the business. In a 2013 study conducted by the Northwestern University’s Interdepartmental Neuroscience program, researchers found that people exposed to natural light through windows enjoyed 173 percent increased exposure to white light. They also enjoyed 46 more minutes of sleep every night.

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Let There Be Light

Employee engagement and satisfaction is important in keeping turnovers low. If lighting can help them perform better, then the company will greatly benefit in designing workplaces that help people become better. Consider these facts when deciding the right lighting for your workplaces.