3 Simple Window Treatment Ideas to Stylize Your Home

Stylish Drapes

Stylish DrapesStuck on how to decorate your home? Take heart; many people not used to decorating their homes have the same predicament. Nevertheless, a very creative mind is no requirement for home decoration, as you could easily make your home as cheery as any home in Perth just by applying the right curtains and blinds.

Yes, you do not have to be a home décor expert nor do a total makeover. All you have to do is to whip up the following simple window treatment ideas.

  1. Use Accessories Over Plain Drapes

Most homeowners want to play it safe by installing window drapes with neutral colours such as white, beige, cream and grey. Though neutral colours are perfect for blending in any room décor, learn to accessorise.

Using the right accessories help your windows speak life. The Blinds Gallery suggests tying your drapes with silk flower garlands or lacy tiebacks to enhance the beauty of your windows.

  1. Set the Right Mood With the Right Texture

For those with a particular theme in mind, Roman blinds can set the mood of your home. To have that bold and adventurous ambience, consider putting up patterned or multi-coloured blinds. Lustre of colour emits style and energy, so ditch your boring drapes and upgrade your windows with edgy hues.

  1. Stylise Windows With Awnings

Window treatments are not only about the curtains and the blinds. Installing awnings with striped or solid hues speak of an inspired passion. Compared to the traditional window drapes, awnings do not only stylise your home, but they protect your home from the uncanny weather as well.

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The sky’s the limit when decorating your home. It never hurts to experiment a little, as you may discover wonderful window design ideas even by chance. Still, don’t focus on the aesthetics; comfort, protection and privacy are just as important as how beautiful your home is.