3 Simple Tips to Keep Away Burglars

Increasing crime rate in PerthYour home is a safe space. It does not only provide shelter but also protection from disasters and harm. But with an increasing crime rate in Perth, your home can also be in danger. Residents should take stringent measures in discouraging burglars from breaking and entering. Homes with open lawns and big glass windows are easy targets. Once glass windows are shattered, it breaks your home security.

There are ways to make your home safer and more resilient to theft and robbery. Here are some simple tips from Cleargard Australia to keep off criminals from your property.

Secure Your Windows with Grills

Though windows are great for welcoming fresh air, it can also be an entry point for burglars. One blatant sign to ward them off is by putting up grills that cover your windows. There are available DIY window grills at hardware stores but nothing beats the work of a welder. You can have your grills custom-made to follow the size of your windows or even have it artfully sculpted. Iron and aluminium are great choices for making window grills.

Use a Security Film

Another way to discourage burglars is by putting privacy film on your windows. This can delay the breakage of glass depending on the type of film. Even with the use of a bat or hammer, it will take several attempts before the glass fully breaks. Such films are easily available in Perth and they’re not difficult to apply on your windows. Think of it as an extra coat of protection that doesn’t destroy your view.

Set Up a Window Alarm

Window alarms are important additions to securing your home. The noise it creates does not only alert the homeowner, it also scares off the intruder. They’re easily available in hardware stores and most do not require an elaborate setup (unless you get the more sophisticated types).

Keep these three tips in mind and your home will be a lot safer.