3 Reasons a Kit Home is the Best Retirement Place for Granny & Poppy

Kit Home in PerthRetirement homes offer fun and convenience for the elderly, but it’s not always the best place to spend the years of your loved one’s life. Especially that there are alternative housing arrangements available, you don’t really have to send granny and poppy away.

Among the most affordable options, particularly in Western Australia, are kit homes. As a form of prefab, a kit home is one of the ideal dwellings that can support the lifestyle of the elderly without much construction-related fuss, according to an expert from Grandesigns WA.

Kit Homes Only Require a Small Block of Land

A kit home is an absolute space-saver. The design of most kit homes in Perth, Australia don’t involve bulky walls that eat a lot of room. The style can be friendly to your elderly loved one from inside out without feeling cramped.

Regardless of your vacant land’s size, kit home designs are 100% customised to suit unique specifications and needs.

Retirement Home Costs are an Unnecessary Expense

Taking your elderly to a senior living community can be costly. Such places provide comfort for a steep price. Although the expenses don’t have to come out of your own pocket, choosing a nursing home can erode family inheritance.

As a standard kit home is greatly economical to buy and build, the money can be better used for more important things, like education for the youngest members of the family.

Living as Neighbours is Good for Everybody

The best thing about building a kit home for your elderly loved one is the fact that you get to look after them better. If granny and poppy only live next door to you, it’s far easier to attend to their needs. More importantly, it’s going to be good for their emotional well-being because they would get to see their family on a regular basis.

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Kit homes are one of the most flexible housing solutions there is. If your block of land is big enough, there’s certainly no need for your grandparents to live away from you.