3 Overlooked Splurges to Upgrade the Entertainment Room

entertainment room

entertainment roomMany people are spending most of their time at home in the entertainment room. After all, you are living in the middle of the most exciting era of technology: you see big game sports, edge-of-the-seat action movies and series, and heart-pumping video games everywhere.

You might have spent so much money putting up the entertainment room, not to mention that you regularly splurge on the latest, newest technology you see on the market. For all the time and money you spent, though, you may have overlooked some of the finer details.

Sometimes, it is the simple things that make a big difference in your home entertainment system.


You may have noticed that theatres completely darken the room. If you want the real movie theatre experience, set up your system in a room without windows, such as the basement. If that’s not possible, install thick, black curtains to block the light completely. This will give the entertainment room the right feel and ambiance; this will also enhance the quality of the movies you watch and the games you play.


What’s an entertainment room without comfort? If your air conditioning unit is no longer doing its job keeping you and your family comfortable, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

You might also want to replace the wall hung split system with a ducted air conditioning from companies like apexaircon.com.au. It is a great replacement, because you can get a comfortable temperature not only in the entertainment room, but also other areas of the house. When it comes to aesthetics, it’s a good upgrade, too, because only their grills are visible and they do not intrude into the overall look of the entertainment room like a wall-hung unit.

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Reverb is the enemy of good sound. When your wall bounces sound, it slightly distorts the sound and you only hear the latest sound signal it throws. Upgrade your speakers all you want, but the flat, hard surface of your wall and windows will only destroy the good acoustics.

Consider softening the hard surfaces. Simply place drapes on the walls or install sound absorption panels.

Spending thousands of dollars just to upgrade the equipment is most of the time unnecessary. You simply need a few key pieces to make your entertainment room just perfect.