3 Office Design Ideas to Improve Happiness & Motivation of Your Employees

Open Plan Office with a lot of employees

The way your office looks plays a significant role in the attitude and productivity of everyone who works in it. Many business owners are thus paying extra attention to the appeal of a workplace, on top of its functionality.

If you’re thinking of giving your office in Singapore a makeover, below are a few of the popular office renovation ideas.

1. Say Goodbye to Cubicles

Out with the cubicles, in with open and more collaborative space. An open workstation invites partnership and collaboration among the team members. Setting walls between desks are said to limit the ideas and creativeness of the employees. If you want them to be more productive and motivated, getting rid of cubicles is a good way to go.

2. Go for Active Design

Apart from adapting to modern design, another idea is the so-called “active office.” The basic premise of this layout is to utilise designs and furniture that encourage employees to move around and be physically active. Standing desks are an excellent way to prevent employees from sitting all day. Some offices urge employees to use the stairs, especially if their office is not on the upper levels. These minor adjustments are expected to improve the health and wellness of everyone.

3. Provide Good Acoustics

There should be a good balance of noise and tranquility around the office. For one, you need to create a place where everyone could freely express or discuss their opinions without disturbing others. The meeting rooms should provide the right amount of privacy so that people inside could comfortably share their ideas. Overall, there shouldn’t be too much noise from the outside that would distract or disturb them from doing their job.
These are just some interior makeovers you can do to create a more pleasant and motivating work space for your employees. They are fairly simple steps but once done can do so much to the overall operation of your team.

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