3 Little-Known Secrets to Buying the Best AC Unit

Best AC UnitMore than looking at the manufacturer’s specifications, you need to make other considerations when buying home air conditioning units. AC experts from Connect Building Services emphasize some of the other important factors that people need to consider to get the best results.

When summer comes around, many people troop to nearby stores to buy air conditioners. While many leave the stores satisfied with their purchases, the units may not meet their expectations, leading some to consider returning it.

Many shoppers look at the price tag of the unit, the number of stars on the energy label and possibly the brand before making a buying decision. While this approach is fine to some extent, it overlooks critical factors that influence efficiency.

The size of their house and installation distance

When buying a home air conditioner, Sandy residents should consider the placement of both the indoor and outdoor units. Unlike the window cooling units split AC units require a particular expertise to install the coolant and electrical lines. With units with less than 3.5 KW, the indoor and the outdoor units should not be more than 15 meters apart. Efficiency declines with the distance between the two components with a distance of 10 meters resulting in up to 5 percent loss in performance.

Location of the outdoor unit

Although most outdoor units are weatherproof and work in all kinds of weather, leaving them too exposed reduces the output. For instance, a unit kept under the hot sun loses up to 20 percent of its performance. It translates into higher energy consumption and lower output. Placing the unit under a shade helps to overcome this problem.

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The number of ones on a split unit

If you have a large house, you need a powerful unit, preferably one with up to three divisions. A single split is quite efficient in cooling down a house with many rooms, leaving you uncomfortable and unsatisfied with your purchase. While multi-split units carry a higher price tag, they deliver the results.

Considering these factors while buying an air conditioning unit for your home allows you to make the best choice.