3 Key People in a House Construction Project

A house under construction

Constructing a house is by no means a simple undertaking as, to bring it to completion, it takes the combined hard work of various experts and professionals.

Who creates the blueprint? Who coordinates with suppliers of windows and doors, fixtures, hardware, cement and lumber? Who comes up with the internal design and layout of the home?


Before a house construction project can begin, you will need a design plan. This is why an architect is one of the very first professionals you need to work with when planning to build a home. The architect is responsible for translating the needs and wants of a client into a home’s design.

Subsequently, the blueprints they will serve as the guide for everyone involved in the construction project. The architect also often works closely with the contractor during the construction phase.


The contractor, also often called the builder, oversees the actual construction of a house. They manage the tradespeople or skilled workers (carpenters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, etc.) that work on the different aspects of a home.

Plus, they coordinate with material suppliers to guarantee the timely procurement of construction materials and supplies. Additionally, ensuring that everyone’s working on a schedule and following the architect’s building specifications are part of a contractor’s job.

Interior designer

When most of the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work are done, an interior designer comes in to plan the interior of the house. They help the client make the best use of the available interior space, with functionality and safety being the top considerations.

Depending on the agreed-upon arrangement, an interior designer can also act as a decorator, assisting the client in choosing wall and floor finishes, fixtures, lights, furniture and so on.

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Together with the other experts and professionals — such as engineers, landscapers, tile setters and painters — the architect, builder, and interior designer can all turn a client’s dream home into a reality.