3 Green Ideas For Your Next Home Renovation

A photo of a home renovation by Graphic Builders Inc.

If you’re planning to undergo home renovations in New York City, you should try to incorporate some green living ideas to make your space an even better place to live in.
Here are some cool ideas you may want to try.

1. Create an oasis in the middle of the city.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should create an indoor garden in your luxury apartment or trendy loft; but creating an oasis of your own in the middle of the big bad city is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

If you have a balcony, regardless of the size, consider closing it off with some floor-to-ceiling windows. Create a sitting area where you can enjoy the sunshine without the heat. Use this cozy area to unwind and fill it with some of the things that help you relax — plants, books, or even an Xbox.

2. Consider the flexibility of smart storage.

Finding an apartment in NYC is hard. And it’s even harder to find room for all the stuff you have in your home, especially if you have limited floor space. This is where furniture flexibility and smart storage come into play.

Sliding cabinet doors, like in a floor-to-ceiling entertainment system, can easily hide some of the equipment you don’t need at the moment. You can even hide your queen-size bed to make way for your home office during the day. It’s all about the smart usage of space.

3. Make a unique green countertop.

Soapstone and marble are often the top choices for luxury countertops. But for a greener option, you can create a countertop made from reclaimed shards of glass. It may come with a heftier price tag granite, but it’s a great conversation starter. As for durability and toughness, reclaimed glass countertops are so strong you can put a hot kettle directly on it, and it won’t crack.
Making Smart Renovating Decisions
When it comes to renovating your living space, you can always collaborate with designers, architects and contractors to put your designs and ideas to life. It’s all about collaboration and thinking of new ways to maximize the space without stretching your budget.

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