3 Essential Questions to Know if You Have What It Takes to Start a Garden

Woman Gardening Plants

You know you want a garden, but you’re not sure how to plant one and make it gorgeous. That’s alright. Gardening needs commitment, but it’s not rocket science. You can pull it off if you set your mind to it. Here are three things that will help you start a garden properly.

Do you have enough space?

Many aspiring gardeners face the challenge of finding enough space to grow plants. The good news is that you can plant a garden anywhere. Even if you do not own a yard, you can grow your plants on garden urns and place them on your deck or patio. If you do have a spacious yard, then all you need is to decide which part of it will be your garden.

What plants do you want to grow?

Your space is again the determining factor for the type and size of plants you can grow. If you have enough space at your disposal, it’s best to grow plants that make you happy and excited. If you are looking for visual appeal, choose flowers like the Black-eyed Susan, roses, peonies, azaleas or rhododendrons. If you want to grow plants for food, plant what you enjoy eating.

Do you have adequate time?

You may not know this, but gardens need regular attention to stay beautiful. Unlike mature trees, plants in your garden require watering, weeding, pruning and so on. Look at your schedule and determine whether you can realistically find time to tend to a garden. Only when you are free and ready for such a responsibility should you take the plunge.

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Alternatively, you can hire a gardener. Now, check if you have the budget to pay a regular gardener to tend to your garden.

Gardening can be fun, but only if you have the passion and time for it. It’s not a hobby you should start if you can’t be committed to it. These questions will help you decide if you have what it takes to nurture a garden.