3 Design Elements to Consider When Building an Indoor Riding Arena

Horse Riding

Horse RidingWhen it comes to horse training, consistency is important to success.When extreme summer heat and stormy, cold winters strike, though,the momentum of training gets hampered as the safety of the horse and rider is the top concern.Because of this, indoor riding arenas have becomea wiser and more popular choice forhorse owners and trainers. These structures provide space conducive for training, whatever the weather is like outside.

If you are considering building such structures, it is important to know which elements your arena must have. Work with professional contractors and make sure that these features are present in your building:


Although you could construct wooden buildings, steel-frame indoor riding arenas are more beneficial. Because most of the parts are pre-drilled and pre-cut, building the structure is easier and faster. Also, you always have the option to expand the arena whenever you want to. This comes with no hassle and less costs. You also do not have to worry about cracking, rotting or moulding. It is in tip-top shape, could weather any weather all year long.


Think about the climate in the area before insulating the arena.Make it a priority to add insulation to the steel roof and insulate the walls if necessary sothe arenawill maintain optimal temperature all year long. Insulation would also helpminimise the noise that comes from heavy rains and winds.


Ventilation should also be on top of your considerations when it comes to designing your arena. Without proper ventilation, moisture will build up on the roof and eventually drip down when warm air rises. You have two options when it comes to ventilation. You can either strategically put openings in the building or use a mechanical system.

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Work with reliable contractors as you build your indoor riding arena.With a durable, well-ventilated and properly insulated building, you can ensure that your horses would get the training they need year-round.